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ContiMove365 The NEW All-Season Scooter Tyre with M+S Rating


Continental is presenting its new all-season ContiMove365 scooter tyre. ContiMove 365 achieves an astonishing balancing act between summer and winter tires with a particularly innovative tread design. Pairs of deep sipes provide a safe grip – also on snow-covered roads. The wide drainage grooves guarantee optimal water displacement to ensure control of the scooter even in heavy rain.

With its M+S designation, the Continental tire is officially approved for winter use in compliance with German road traffic regulations.

The ContiMove 365 also comes up trumps in fine weather, too, with its superb performance in dry conditions. Not only does it keep up a sporty pace, but its trendsetting silica compound provides excellent grip – even without lengthy warm-up times. Since scooters are mostly used for short distances, an impressive performance on a cold run is a crucial factor for On balance, the ContiMove365 is a veritable all-rounder: not only are its all-season features impressive, but it is also easy on the environment and on the driver's budget! Rolling resistance in the current generation of tires has been optimized, which reduces fuel consumption. ContiMove365 is available in all the usual sizes, enabling as many scooter drivers as possible to take advantage of the new motorcycle tyre.

The new ContiMove365 impressively combines sporty and comfortable handling performance – all-year round.

3.50 –10 (59M)

100/80 –10 (53P)

120/70 –10 (54P)

120/90 –10 (57P)

120/70 –12 (58P)

130/70 – 12 (62P)

130/60 –13 (60P)

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